Scarsdale: Next-Generation RF/RFID EAS

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems using RFID from Scarsdale Security strike a balance between customer friendliness and effective security. Scarsdale installs article surveillance systems meant to deter shoplifters, not intimidate customers. Our RF and RFID article surveillance systems help protect merchandise and profits without creating a barrier at your front door or checkout area. Losses may be reduced by more than 50 percent with an electronic article surveillance system, meaning a very quick return on investment.

Next-generation article surveillance:
• Simple upgrade path from RF to RFID
• Identify people entering the store with booster bags
• Capture still or video images of individuals who triggered an alarm
• Actionable data for compliance overview and identification of best practices and high risk stores
• Integrated customer counters, metal detection and advertising panels
• Best-in-class deactivators, labels and hard tags

Scarsdale RF EAS systems
Our RF EAS systems blend into your store design with several integrated options. No extra posts, barriers or devices to clutter your entrance or check-out area.

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Scarsdale RFID-ready EAS systems
Invest in RF EAS systems that are easily upgradable to RFID if you are planning to use RFID for inventory management in the future.

Scarsdale RFID EAS systems
RFID makes it possible to identify whether an individual item has been sold or not. Scarsdale EAS installs floor- or ceiling-mounted RFID EAS readers at the store exit, matching RFID tags or labels and POS solutions.

Retailers choose Scarsdale Security
Scarsdale Security is a leading provider of retail security, surveillance, business intelligence, access control and fire protection for residential and commercial customers throughout the Northeast and retail customers nationwide. In addition to EAS, Scarsdale provides video, audio interaction, guest analysis and employee assurance and many other advanced security services.

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