RILA’s Asset Protection Leaders Council Looks at Escalating Violence and Total Retail Loss 2.0

Professor Adrian Beck presents the findings of RILA's Total Retail Loss 2.0 research to the Asset Protection Leaders Council

RILA’s Asset Protection Leaders Council—comprised of AP functional heads from RILA member retailers along with its strategic partners Intel and Zebra/Profitect—kicked off the three-day annual meeting event October 23 – 25 at the Westin Resort in Hilton Head Island co-located with industry partners LP Magazine and the Loss Prevention Foundation. As is always the case when this group of industry leaders gets together, the content was compelling, timely, and actionable.

Escalating violence on store property has been a pressing concern over the past year. With the industry’s asset protection leaders in one room, there was no better time to discuss emerging trends, priority challenges, and sustainable solutions. Legal experts dissected several recent high-profile lawsuits against retailers arising out of active shooter incidents and parking lot crime and shared practical tips for mitigating risk. The group examined related topics like active shooter training, open carry of firearms in stores, and incident management systems. Plus, attendees had the chance to experience cutting-edge solutions in the active shooter space, including training, firearm detection, alert systems, and protection, in a first-ever “themed” innovation showcase featuring five start-up technology companies.

The group shifted gears on the second day, focusing on operational strategies to maximize profit. Attendees were the first to hear the findings from the Total Retail Loss 2.0 research, a build on the ground-breaking Total Retail Loss research commissioned by RILA in partnership with Emeritus Professor Adrian Beck of the University of Leicester (UK) that has gained broad industry adoption.

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Walter Palmer

“As always, the depth and substance of dialogue was a testament to the thought and energy the AP community brings to the table in our industry,” said Walter Palmer, executive vice president of CAP Index and a moderator for the APLC. “The willingness of leaders and organizations to share open thoughts and feedback makes the entire industry better.”

The APLC will host a Total Retail Loss 2.0 webinar on November 18th. All are welcome. Register here.

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