Returning to Pre-Pandemic Consumer Confidence

Up to 40 percent of online clothing and footwear sales made during lockdown will be returned. How will your business ensure returned merchandise is quarantined for the correct period of time and promptly made available for sale again?

We can all agree that the basic trip to your favorite retailer will not be the same post-pandemic. As stores reopen and we return to the new “normal,” consumers need to feel confident that their purchases and returns are safe.

Checkpoint’s new Inventory Quarantine solution provides retailers with an easy real-time tool. The IQ software uniquely identifies returned items, initiating a virtual “quarantine clock.” Once activated, the items remain in the retailer’s designated “safe area” until the assigned quarantine period is over, then a push notification with exact time stamp is sent informing that the item(s) are safe for resale.

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Easy-to-Implement SaaS Solution

  • Automatically assigns returned items from the retailer’s fulfillment centers, stores, or fitting rooms into quarantine for a set duration.
  • Drives push notifications to staff when the quarantine period is over, so stock can be returned to inventory as soon as safely possible.


  • Technology agnostic: works for a stand-alone system or integrated.
  • Automated solution guarantees accuracy of quarantine time and reduces labor.
  • Retailers have the ability to locate merchandise efficiently with a full view of all stock locations, preventing out of stocks or over stocks.


  • Safeguard employees and customers by ensuring items have been quarantined for the recommended duration of time.
  • Employees have limited contact with returned products.
  • Boost customer confidence by having robust processes in place.

“Across the world, the shopping experience we have grown to know is dramatically changing. Retailers that implement new processes that demonstrate they’re keeping people safe will undoubtedly be seen favorably by shoppers.” – Phil Fisher, Director Product Management, Checkpoint

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