Retail & Hospitality ISAC and NRF Partner on Cybersecurity

The National Retail Federation (NRF) and the Retail & Hospitality Information Sharing and Analysis Center (RH-ISAC) have announced a new collaboration to strengthen their collective efforts to improve cybersecurity within the retail and related consumer-facing sectors. This partnership will bring together RH-ISAC’s expertise in cybersecurity and threat intelligence with the resources and advocacy of the NRF.

Through this partnership, the RH-ISAC and NRF will deepen their collaboration to provide retailers with the tools and resources they need to protect their businesses and customers from cyber threats. This includes sharing intelligence, curating relevant cybersecurity content at the other’s annual conferences and other events, planning virtual cyber threat exercises, and developing educational resources. Additionally, the organizations will collaborate on benchmark and research reports and coordinate their engagement with government agencies and other industry stakeholders in support of the retail sector’s cybersecurity priorities.

As part of this agreement, NRF will end-date its cyber threat-sharing portal, the NRF Cyber Risk Exchange, and its members will be able to migrate to the RH-ISAC’s cyber threat-sharing systems and working groups. At the same time, the RH-ISAC’s members will participate in NRF’s cybersecurity-related policy, regulatory and risk management-focused programs and activities, including those developed for non-technology retail executives.

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“This partnership will further NRF and RH-ISAC’s efforts in support of our shared mission to enhance cyber preparedness among our member companies,” said Christian Beckner, vice president for retail technology and cybersecurity at NRF. “This new agreement will improve sector-wide awareness of current cyber threats, and it will strengthen the effectiveness of our engagement on relevant cyber policy and risk management challenges.”

“We are very excited about this partnership with NRF and thank them for all of their efforts to make this happen,” said Suzie Squier, president of RH-ISAC. “This partnership capitalizes on the strengths of both organizations to help enhance the defenses of our member organizations and the retail sector at large.”

The RH-ISAC and NRF will kick off the partnership with an online meeting next month of its respective members to discuss these opportunities for collaboration in the coming year.

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