Reducing Retail Shrinkage With Integrated Video, POS Data, and Analytics

March Networks Searchlight

Reducing shrinkage is a constant battle for today’s retailers. An easy, cost-effective solution that can help you win the fight is certainly worth consideration. 

You’ve likely invested in a point-of-sale (POS) system to help manage many areas of your business. It captures incredibly valuable data that can assist you in making informed decisions about store operations. Incorporating video surveillance with that data adds another layer of intelligence, with visual insights that can reveal a host of new business information. 

March Networks Searchlightfor Retail integrates surveillance video with your POS system data and other business analytics to help increase profitability by reducing losses from theft and fraud, and improving operations, customer service, and marketing. 

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How It Works 

Searchlight provides an all-in-one tool for managing your video surveillance. It offers loss prevention and business intelligence benefits with visual insights about all areas of your business. By integrating video with POS data, this cloud-based system alerts retailers to instances of potential theft and can reduce investigation time from hours to minutes. Furthermore, Searchlight’s business analytics deliver valuable insights on occupancy, speed of service, and customer interest. 

Quickly Locate Suspicious Transactions 

Convenient, exception-based reporting tools let you rapidly search by store location, employee, and transaction type. These reports allow you to review transactional data integrated with video to quickly investigate instances of potential internal theft, and to evaluate employee behavior at the POS. 

For example, perhaps you’d like to see all voided transactions. You can easily view this data and click through to see associated surveillance video to verify they were, in fact, legitimate voids and not errors or fraudulent transactions. 

You can also review video and transaction data right from your smartphone or tablet via the March Networks Command Mobile Plus smartphone app. From anywhere and at any time, check on your store to see live and recorded video and even review full receipts with associated video for rapid fact verification. 

Increase Store Profitability With Business Analytics 

Searchlight’s wealth of analytics can help to uncover customer trends and key performance indicators based on factors, such as which store turns more shoppers into buyers, the time or day most people are waiting in line and for how long (to measure customer service and implement staffing changes), or the success of a particular promotion. There is also the option to export this data to an Excel file to incorporate it into your own charts and reports. 

Flexible Payment Options 

Searchlight for Retail is offered in two convenient payment models: Capex, for businesses that prefer to buy the solution outright, or as a monthly service in the cloud. The latter lets businesses bypass some of the larger capital expenses normally associated with video surveillance and pay monthly for system access, monitoring, and administration. 

The information an intelligent video system uncovers can be incredibly valuable, and, in some cases, could save you thousands of dollars. To learn more, visit  

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