Protos Security Creates a Buzz at RILA

Protos Security, a nationwide leader in security guard management,is making a buzz at RILA…literally. Protos Security provides so much more than just guard service, and each attendee to the Protos booth was given the opportunity to explore the many unique features and benefits of their nationwide guard service with “Security Surgery,” a giant game of Operation. Attendees were able to pinpoint their current security guard pain points and identify the solutions.

First, the features you should expect:
• End to end nationwide coveragewith one point of contact.
• The largest guard network of over 4,000 vendors.

Next, the features you want:
• An all-electronic time and attendance system with location verification.
• Fast incident reporting, delivered in minutes.
• Real time status map
• Automated reminders never forget temp and emergency assignments.
• Efficiency—Protos tools put time back into your busy schedule.
• Total program cost savings

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Finally the distinctive features and benefits only available with Protos Security:
• Client web app- an online dashboard for your entire guard program.
• Real time online status map
• Message broadcast. Communicate targeted messages to guards in the field.
• QA analysis program. Permanent schedules receive QA calls to the post location to verify guard performance or pinpoint areas for improvement.

Protos Security can strategically target your guard program pain points and deliver superior experience for clients nationwide.

Contact them at (866) 403-9630 or sales (at) protossecurity (dot) com to learn more.

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