Protect Customers and Business with Face Recognition

Stores and other retail venues continue to struggle with pandemic repercussions, closures, and decreasing revenues. While working diligently to identify underage or banned patrons, security staff are facing additional challenges in meeting regulations, as well as other requirements to know and protect their customers. Thankfully, face recognition can help.

Generating real-time notifications, Cognitec’s FaceVACS-VideoScan solution can detect known persons within seconds, enable fast response times and intervention, and act as a deterrent for banned persons who consider entering again in the future.

Anonymous facial analysis can perform an initial age check without looking at ID documents, which helps to curtail underage sales violations and avoid fine payments and license revocations.

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Stores can also use the technology to quickly check-in preferred customers and members, eliminating long lines at entrances and providing swift transactions without touching devices and surfaces.

As a bonus, the software analyzes faces to produce statistics about people count, age, gender, and movement. Monitoring footfall and visit lengths, for example, enables stores to plan for staff resources and make other operational decisions.

But the software alone won’t produce optimal results. Choosing camera models, their positioning and tuning, optimal server choice, VMS integration, configuration, training, deploying and supporting the system—all these components play an important part.

And Cognitec does it all, from system design to hardware and software setup, with an annual subscription covering licensing and services.

While Cognitec provides this whole suite of services, retailers reap the benefits: a safe environment for customers and staff, a profitable business, and support from the community.

Cognitec is showing a demo of the solution at NRF Protect in booth 2041.

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