Police Officer Injured While Apprehending Shoplifting Suspect

A Springfield, Massachusetts, woman is facing several charges after police say she assaulted a West Springfield officer. West Springfield Police tell us that, earlier this week, officers responded to a report of a shoplifting incident inside a business located in the Riverdale Shops Plaza. It was later determined that the alleged suspect had fled the store, but was quickly located shortly after officers arrived on scene.

We’re told that the suspect in question, later identified as Springfield resident Jill Brown, was attempting to hide a backpack that contained several items that had been stolen from a display table. After speaking with Brown, officers then placed her under arrest and charged her with shoplifting by concealing merchandise. This was the third time she had been arrested for shoplifting.

Brown was then taken to the West Springfield Police Department for booking. As she was being taken out of the cruiser, she became combative and proceeded to kick the cruiser’s door. Officers observed that Brown had also managed to free one of her cuffed hands. Brown refused to exit the cruiser, forcing officers to attempt to escort her out of the vehicle.

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Ultimately, she refused, even going as far as kicking an officer in the chest with both of her feet. West Springfield officers were eventually able to get Brown out of the cruiser, but became combative and began thrashing around and kicking at officers. She was then carried directly to a holding cell and remained combative, forcing officers to taser the suspect. A search of Brown’s belongings resulted in the seizure of… Western Mass News

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