Police Dog Bites Shoplifter; Needs 5 Surgeries to Save Arm

At the hospital in Tuscaloosa, Derek Stokes said doctors examined the bite from the police dog and discussed whether they would have to amputate his arm.

“I was like ‘amputation?’ I went from going to Walmart to amputation?”

“I was scared to let them amputate the arm,” he told AL.com. “The arm was the evidence. If they amputated my arm, not only would I be without an arm, but I wouldn’t have any evidence of what the police did to me.”

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Doctors performed several surgeries, using tissue from Stokes’ belly to rebuild the chunk of flesh bitten out of his forearm. Stokes said he felt like a science experiment. Doctors sewed a flap of skin that connected his right arm to his side… AL.com

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