Palmer Recovery Attorneys Responds to “Misleading” Report

Again, we find it necessary to address a slanted and misleading two-sentence article in the D & D that improperly refers to PRA (Palmer Recovery Attorneys) law firm. Due to a longstanding relationship with an industry competitor, any reference to PRA in the D & D is never favorable. As is typical, no effort was made by D & D to seek any comment from PRA prior to publication.

The matter referred to by D & D resulted from unsubstantiated allegations by a departing former partner in the firm. No client lodged any complaint against PRA, and PRA protected confidential client information via the attorney-client privilege. Rather than belaboring over such matters, Mr. Palmer, nearing retirement, fully resolved all such matters and voluntarily resigned his membership in the Florida Bar via an unopposed petition. The petition and order relate only to Mr. Palmer personally, not to PRA as the D & D headline falsely claims.

PRA law firm remains fully operational under the direction and guidance of Managing Partner, Barry Rigby, along with our network of seasoned Of Counsel attorneys located throughout the country. The firm practices solely in the area of civil recovery law. Mr. Rigby has practiced law for 33 years with a prior focus on professional responsibility law and civil litigation. Mr. Rigby was past chief, Headquarter Discipline Counsel for the Florida Bar (Tallahassee), past chief Branch Discipline Counsel for the Florida Bar (Ft. Lauderdale), and past chair Florida Client Security Committee.

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Matthew Hill

It is business as usual for PRA, and we are fully committed to faithfully serving our vast base of civil recovery retail clients nationwide. Thank you for partnering with PRA on civil recovery matters over the past 30 years and into the future.

Matthew R. Hill is General Manager, Palmer Recovery Attorneys, PLLC.

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