OpenEye Announces New Cloud-Managed Network Server

OpenEye has recently announced the release of the MM-Series Cloud-Managed Network Server. The new OpenEye MM-Series NVR is reportedly a cost-effective, high-performance machine that bridges the gap for users that require high storage capacity and performance but don’t want the high cost of an enterprise system.

The MM-Series recorder is a compact all-in-one solution designed to offer enterprise-class features at a low cost. The recorder includes front removable hard drives to make it easy to add or remove drives and includes a locking front bezel for added data security. The MM-Series also offers both JBOD and RAID models with up to 40 TB of storage for installations that need to meet video retention requirements.

“This recorder bridges the gap for users that need features such as RAID and removable drives,” said Ian Siemer, vice president, marketing and product management at OpenEye, “but need a more compact solution or can’t afford an enterprise system.” The MM-Series is designed for users who want performance, flexibility and long-term scalability. Like all M-Series recorders, The OE-MM is fully integrated into the OpenEye Web Services platform and offers centralized user management, single sign-on convenience, mobile apps and a web client for easy remote connection and management.

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