New Hikvision 4K Panoramic Cameras Capture the Big Picture

Hikvision announced the release of two new panoramic cameras equipped with ColorVu technology that are designed for wide area video coverage in large open areas such as stadiums, arenas, warehouses, parking lots, street intersections, and other public spaces.

The new panoramic cameras employ advanced image fusion technologies from Hikvision to deliver smooth, seamless images without the twisting or distortion that is common in conventional cameras, while also delivering vivid color images even in dim lighting conditions using ColorVu technology. This unique combination of extreme performance and cost-efficiency makes these new panoramic cameras an attractive solution for a wide range of applications and users.

“Our new panoramic cameras with ColorVu technology provide a highly effective and cost-efficient solution for wide area video security,” said John Xiao, vice president of marketing, Hikvision USA. “Users often had to choose between a wide, distorted view, or a multi-camera display of poorly stitched images to achieve effective coverage of expansive areas. Our new panoramic cameras solve this challenge by delivering a single 180-degree panoramic image in 4K resolution to capture wide views in extreme detail and outstanding color, even under challenging lighting conditions.”

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The new Hikvision panoramic cameras are available in two form factors: A turret model (DS-2CD2387G2P-LSU/SL) and a long bullet model (DS-2CD2T87G2P-LSU/SL). Both models provide a 180-degree horizontal view with 4K UHD resolution (5120×1440) and H.265+ video compression technology to conserve valuable bandwidth and recording storage space.

Additional features include: 130 dB wide dynamic range (WDR) for high image clarity in both dark and light areas within a scene; IP67-rated enclosures for use in both indoor and outdoor environments; and a built-in strobe light and audio alarm that can be automatically activated to scare off intruders.

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