New Contactless Wrist Temperature Kiosk

Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. recently announced the addition of the Contactless Wrist Temperature Kiosk to its line of temperature screening kiosks. The new unit joins the company’s original Temperature Screening Kiosk as well as an HR-focused kiosk that can perform fever scanning.

The Contactless Wrist Temperature Kiosk offers worksites, assisted living facilities, healthcare clinics, and more a touch-free option to quickly check employee and visitor body temperatures using an infrared sensor on the user’s wrist.

Using a badge reader, the kiosk is available as a pass/fail temperature check option to alleviate wait times. It can also be programmed to offer more comprehensive screening with customizable health screening questions.

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Real-time results are communicated to a remote content management system that can keep a secure record of compliance. If a person screens as non-compliant, text or email alerts are automatically sent to designated individuals.

Mike Mayer
Mike Mayer

“Our line of temperature kiosks was born from the desire to help businesses offer safe and effective ways to maintain workplace safety,” Mike Mayer, President at Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. said. “Not only do the kiosks reduce the cost of employing a dedicated temperature checker, but with companies more mindful of keeping illnesses away from the worksite, they’ll continue to play a role in employee and visitor safety long past the pandemic.”

For more information about the Contactless Wrist Temperature kiosk, visit their website or send an email.

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