More than Just Surveillance Cameras: How Guitar Center Streamlined its LP Activities

When Chris Rodriguez, the director of loss prevention and safety for Guitar Center, planned to outfit his stores with new surveillance cameras, he had a prime opportunity to change the way his stores fight retail shrink through an open platform solution.

LP Magazine presents a new webinar, How Guitar Center Streamlined its LP Activities through an Open Platform IP Solution, on this groundbreaking surveillance camera system that goes beyond fighting shoplifting: Using the system’s features such as heat-mapping, people counting and traffic flow, Rodriguez has shown other stakeholders in Guitar Center’s business that his LP tools can not only protect the store’s bottom line, but actually boost it.

By teaming with Gerald Becker, vice president of physical security for USS, Rodriguez abandoned the typical sea of fixed-view surveillance cameras for more strategically placed dedicated HD cameras and 360-degree cameras. Incorporating cameras in the chokepoints as well as the wide-open areas allowed Rodriguez to maximize his coverage without redundant recording.

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This one-hour webinar will feature Rodriguez describing the needs from the retail perspective, Becker providing the point-of-view of the integrator, and Scott Thomas explaining Genetec’s flexible loss prevention technology features representing the manufacturer.

Attendees will learn …

  • How to place surveillance cameras to maximize recording while minimizing wasted bandwidth
  • How you can use surveillance system data to enhance your business
  • What features to look for in surveillance systems
  • How much you can expect to spend for modern surveillance systems

The formal presentations will be followed by a live question-and-answer segment where the three will respond to questions from the webinar attendees.

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Chris Rodriguez has over 20 years of experience in loss prevention and operations. His experience includes big-box retail such as K-Mart, Home Depot, and Sears. Most recently, he was the director of security and loss prevention for Goodwill Southern California, when he was asked to return to his former employer and assume the director of loss prevention and safety role at Guitar Center, Inc. Rodriguez is also a member ASIS, and the Association of Threat Assessments Professionals.

Gerald Becker oversees the USS Physical Security Division where he directs the expanding line of physical security products and services. Formerly director of CCTV at USS, he oversees the division’s sales, product development and customer service through development of new physical security products and expansion of partnerships into new and existing markets. Becker holds several patents for physical security innovations he developed.

Scott Thomas is the global director of retail business development at Genetec and has worked with retail for over 24 years.

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