More Than 30 Arrested In Shoplifting Sting

A coordinated law enforcement-retail focused effort to crack down on shoplifting in Lexington, Kentucky, has resulted in more than 30 arrests. A Lexington police spokesman hopes the high number of arrests will help deter theft.

The three-day operation focused on retail businesses in the Hamburg shopping area and along Richmond Road. Lexington Police Sgt. Donnell Gordon said loss prevention employees watch on surveillance and give good descriptions of shoplifters.

“Once they give us the information and that person walks out of the retail store with the items, we’re able to just move in and just try to keep everybody safe. So, a lot of times we’re waiting at the doors when they’re walking out and at that point in time the gig’s up. Gordon said there could be other similar operations across the city.

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We try to keep it quiet, so that way we can actually make it a success, so it could be going on right now. I mean that’s the tricky thing about this is we just try to make people guess and keep that on people’s minds that this could be going on and they could be part of it,” added Gordon… 88.9 WEKU News

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