Mid-Week with Jim Lee: R & R (Young People, Pay Attention)

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Jim Lee

We all know what the following stand for, don’t we? TDY, ORC, AWOL, TCB, EOY, and TGIF.

Then tell me, what does “R & R” stand for? All the military people immediately get this one, and it’s a term often referred to in retail.

Okay, most of us know that R & R typically stands for Rest and Relaxation. It could also stand for Rest & Recuperation, or Rest & Recreation. Whichever of those it means to you, if you haven’t had any R & R lately, make sure you take the time to do so.

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If you’re a young person in this business and think you have to work seven days a week—or even six—you are sadly mistaken. Don’t confuse work effort with work results. Plan your time off each week and never miss taking it. That’s your R & R time.

If you want to get ahead in your career, just be good at your work—you don’t always have to be great. What you need to be great at is R & R. And in this case, R & R stands for READ AND RELATIONSHIPS.

READ everything you can get your hands on in your company. That would include everything you can find on leadership, management, financial information, data management and information technology (IT). Read everything you can find on The Loss Prevention Foundation, and consider engaging in LPC or LPQ work to help with your career development. Stay informed by reading everything you find in LP Magazine, the daily LPM Insider, and the latest from LPM Online. These resources help keep you engaged and moving forward.

RELATIONSHIPS are key to lasting success in any career. Stick your hand out and say hello! Talk to LP executives in your company. Make a favorable impression. Build relationships with your business partners throughout the organization, and take the time and effort to learn more about what they do. Say hello and speak to company executives. Your objective is to have them remember your name-and sometime in the future, to take your phone call. During the first few years of your career, regardless of your position you will meet or bump into a future senior-level executive or C-level executive of the future. You want them to remember you as pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable person (They won’t remember how good you were on the job).

Rest and Relaxation…Read and Relationships…these are the real secrets to your success.

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