Market Installs Antimicrobial Covers on Checkout Conveyor Belts

Redner’s Markets is protecting one of the highest touch areas in grocery stores amid enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols.

The Pennsylvania-based grocery retailer has prioritized store cleanliness by expanding its partnership with MessageWrap, whose conveyor belt covers feature an antimicrobial coating that destroys germs to keep the checkout surface clean and protected. The wraps also allow for customizable store messaging or advertising at checkout.

Prior to the pandemic, Redner’s had installed the covers with messaging that celebrated the retailer’s 50th anniversary on two-thirds of its checkout lanes. But with the arrival of COVID-19, the company rolled out the covers on all the checkout lanes of its 44 stores.

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“By taking this step, we clearly communicated to our shoppers, employees and partners that we are taking every possible step to create the cleanest possible traditional checkout experience,” said Ryan Redner, president and CEO, Redner’s Markets, which operates stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Redner’s began its partnership with MessageWrap in 2017, featuring multiple programs since then on conveyor belt covers including Redner’s Rewards and the chain’s partnerships with Kretschmar and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“During the time of COVID and when 97% of consumers say store selection is influenced by the cleanliness of the grocery store, we know the MessageWrap conveyor belt covers featured at Redner’s Markets are more than a nice-to-have feature,” said MessageWrap founder and president Susan Vanderploeg. “They show shoppers the incredible dedication Redner’s Markets has to every one of its shoppers looking to keep herself and her family healthy…”  Chain Store Age

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