Manager Struggles with Man Who Stole Gun and Loaded It While inside Store

A 28-year-old man who stole a gun and loaded it with ammunition was arrested after some intense moments inside a Sportsman’s Warehouse in Heber City, Utah, on Friday, police said. According to Heber City police, officers responded to a report of a man with a gun at Sportsman’s Warehouse. When they arrived, officers took the man, identified as Jose Sosa, into custody as customers had already detained him.

In speaking with the firearms manager police learned Sosa had asked her about .357 ammunition and she directed him to the area where it was located, according to court documents. Sosa returned to the manager and said he wanted to look at a Smith and Weston .357 revolver handgun. The manager retrieved the handgun from the secure area and handed the gun to Jose. He looked at the gun and asked the manager the price.

After she told him the price, Sosa placed the handgun in his pocket, told the manager “thanks” and began to walk away, documents state. The manager yelled “Sir!” in attempts to stop Sosa from walking away with the handgun. Fearing he would leave the store with the handgun, she ran around her counter, down the aisle next to where he was walking, according to documents.

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When she reached the end of the aisle, she noticed Sosa was attempting to load the gun, so she grabbed the firearm from him but he would not let go, documents state. The manager did not know if Sosa had actually loaded the handgun or not but during the struggle for the gun, Sosa pointed the gun at the manager, according to court records. Documents further state two customers who saw the struggle assisted the manager in subduing Sosa. They were finally able to take the gun from him… ABC4 News

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