10 RFID Case Study Companies and Lessons Learned

rfid case study

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology was supposed to take the retail world by storm. It was supposed to be a “revolution.” But do all those promises of the last two decades add up to nothing more than hype and exaggeration? An RFID case study–or ten–might give us a clue.

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GS1 and the ECR Community Shrinkage and On-Shelf Availability Group recently commissioned a research study to better understand how RFID is currently being used in the real retail environment. In a feature article in the March-April 2018 issue of LP Magazine, Emeritus Professor Adrian Beck (currently a researcher for the organization) shares more about the approach and a summary of the research findings. From the article:

Based upon the detailed experiences of ten companies that have invested in RFID, the study set out to answer the following questions:

  • What is the business context within which some retailers decide to invest in RFID?
  • How do these companies begin their RFID journey?
  • What steps do they follow when undertaking a trial?
  • In what ways do they measure the impact of RFID, and what have they found?
  • How do they begin to roll it out to the rest of the business?
  • How have they dealt with the key challenge of integration?
  • What role, if any, can RFID play in managing loss prevention?
  • What lessons have these companies learned on their RFID journeys?
  • How might they be planning to use this technology in the future?

For a closer look at the headline results of the research, check out “RFID and Retailing.” You can also visit the Table of Contents for the March–April 2018 issue or register for a free subscription to the magazine. [Note: if you’re already a logged-in subscriber, the previous link will take you to the current issue instead.]


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