LPM Survey Results: Readers in Favor of More Regional Conferences

In last week’s LPM survey, we discussed loss prevention industry conferences, which bring together professionals from across the industry to network, learn, and share best practices amongst peers.

Industry conferences provide a tremendous wealth of information and opportunities for those in attendance, opening doors and opening minds to the possibilities across the industry and the promise of prospects, expectations, and ideas on the horizon as we move further into the coming year.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to attend one of the national conferences, and while every leader wants to provide these types of opportunities to their teams, the reality of the business often makes these aspirations impractical.

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As an alternative, some industry professionals have proposed more regional events such as organized retail crime association (ORCA) events, “Education Days” like those that have been offered through the Loss Prevention Foundation, and other similar offerings. Still, such events can be expensive and time-consuming to organize, and require highly organized, well-planned, and well-attended efforts in order to make them successful and cost-effective.

Should the loss prevention industry do more to organize and support these regional events?

Survey Results

Our survey participants overwhelmingly believe that the industry should do more to support regional events, with 100 percent agreeing at some level. 80 percent strongly agree that believe that the industry should do more to support regional events, 10 percent of respondents stated that they agree, and 10 percent say that they somewhat agree.

Additional Comments

We need more of these events. Finding ways to better engage our loss prevention teams should be a priority for every leader. If you’re not taking steps to support the growth and development of your team, you’re not leading, period.

Conferences and similar events are a great way to develop our loss prevention teams. My team members always come back learning something new.

The ORCA events have help me network with peers across the industry. I just wish I had more opportunities to get involved.

The events are a great idea, but there’s still a commitment to time and resources that has to be kept in mind. If we can find cost-effective ways to pull it off, I’m all for it.


Do you have any additional thoughts? Let us know what’s on your mind.

Also, in case you missed it: here are five upcoming LP conferences and events this month.


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