LPM Magpie Awards: Jessi Dudley, Excellence in Operations

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Jessi Dudley, Senior Operations Manager, Loss Prevention Research Council

“To me, being a leader is all about attitude and respect,” said Dudley. “While strong interpersonal skills and effective communications are key to driving results, self-awareness, staying humble, and listening to others must always be a critical part of developing true relationships with our team and our partners.”

Having worked as an administrative and operations professional for more than twenty years, Dudley started as a part-time administrator while in high school and continued through college where she found her niche helping small businesses organize and streamline operations. She joined the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) in 2014 where she has grown to become an integral part of the LPRC leadership.

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“LPRC was the opportunity for me to develop leadership skills and run operations,” she said. ”While moving into a leadership role was more of a gradual thing, over time I just became the hub of LPRC. I came to know all the different initiatives, all the players, and how and when to get our projects completed.”

While Dudley feels the ability to see the big picture and multitask are critically important when managing the many consequential projects she’s involved with as part of the LPRC, she also feels that it takes a strong team to keep things organized and running smoothly. “I’ve had some amazing support along the way. I’ve learned and grown so much thanks to the LPRC team, the board of advisors, and our members for their assistance, cooperation, encouragement, and support.”

For young leaders searching for success, Dudley has a simple but valuable message: “As you’re looking to build your career, it’s important to take care of business, but it’s just as important to try to be relatable and likeable. Work hard and get the job done but enjoy what you do and try to have fun!”

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