The LPF’s NEW Organized Retail Crime Certificate Program

As loss prevention professionals, we know we must prepare ourselves to deal with the serious and ongoing problem of organized retail crime. One of the best ways to get ahead of the issue is to arm ourselves with information. The Loss Prevention Foundation’s newest course, specifically designed around the topic of ORC, can help us accomplish that goal.

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In an article in the latest issue of LPM Online, Jac Brittain, LPC, editorial director, highlights some of the biggest challenges surrounding the ORC problem–and how the new organized retail crime coursework put forth by the LPF will serve to prepare industry pros to deal with them. From the article:

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Dealing with theft and the criminal element remains a critical aspect of the profession. The ability to identify and investigate these issues, interview theft suspects, and bring these investigations to a successful closure—and doing so in a way that conforms with the needs of the business and the culture of the organization—is often what sets us apart and is an essential skill set. The size and scope of the organized retail crime problem—and the potential impact that it can have on the success and volatility of the business—underscores the need for a comprehensive and credible ORC education program.

“As we looked to continue our expansion of the library of educational courses that we wanted to provide to the loss prevention/asset protection industry, the subject of organized retail crime was identified by our advisory board and the loss prevention community as a critical topic that we should build upon,” said Terry Sullivan, LPC, president of the Loss Prevention Foundation. “Having a better understanding of the nature of organized retail crime, the scope of the problem, and the best ways to approach ORC investigations will improve the quality of our investigations, the skill sets of our investigators, and the safety of all those involved.”

Read more about the new ORC coursework in “ORC: Arming Ourselves with Education.”

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