LPM Insider Survey: Was Shoplifter Apprehension a Legal Detainment or Excessive Force?

As reported recently in the LPM Insider’s Breaking News, a widely circulated online video has fueled debate over whether a loss prevention associate used excessive force in an encounter with a 16-year-old girl accused of shoplifting.

According to a police report, the loss prevention representative approached two female teenagers as they attempted to leave the store with “miscellaneous items” they allegedly tried to take from the store without payment. When they were approached, one of the teenagers began kicking and punching the loss prevention representative, later biting him on the chest, before being taken to the ground as the loss prevention representative attempted to subdue the alleged shoplifter. The other teenager fled the scene.

Roughly 10–12 other customers gathered around the area and shouted at the loss prevention representative throughout the incident. Much of the altercation was captured on video and has been viewed more than 145,000 times on Facebook and shared by more than 3,500 users. The full video can be viewed here.

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Many have taken issue with the video’s depiction of how the loss prevention representative handled the situation, accusing him of being too rough with the teenager. Others have criticized those seen watching the altercation, while still others are defending the loss prevention representative’s actions as warranted given the circumstances.

A Toledo Police Department spokesman states that the juvenile was arrested and charged with robbery, while the loss prevention representative was not charged with any crime. Police said the juvenile would’ve been charged with theft but she used force in an effort to get away, leading to the more serious charges.

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Look for the results of the survey to appear in next Monday’s LPM Insider.


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