Conversion Rate Optimization

Turning Store Traffic Insights into Better Business Results

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Loss prevention professionals and the LP industry in general have and continue to do an admirable job of bringing new analytic capabilities to their organizations. As I described in my article “Using Loss Prevention Technology to Support Traffic Counting and Conversion” published in January-February 2013, I have long believed that…

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  • Adrian B.

    I think many in LP struggle to see the value traffic counting can bring, particularly where store personnel have a much more passive store role, such as restocking and taking payment. Where staff are more engaged in generating sales, then having a conversion calculation can be useful. But it would also be interesting to see the degree to which conversion rates are correlated with store shrinkage – the logic goes that offenders are much less likely to steal from a store where staff are highly engaged and engaging. Would be interesting to see whether by introducing traffic counting, and impacting positively upon conversion rates, levels of loss are reduced.


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