It’s Never Personal; It’s Business.

Article Excerpt

I’m pretty sure most if not all our readers have heard this line on many occasions during their careers. Whether you are a loss prevention professional at the store, district, region, or corporate level, you have likely been on the receiving end of this phrase.

As a recipient of this phrase…

—End of excerpt—

  • Even after you are retired i still learn from you. You were a great leader and it was and still is such a privelage to have worked with you. Early in my career you came into my store i was less than a year into my lowes career. You took me over to a terminal and showed me things that noone else had showed me. You took time with me and told the rest of your group to go ahead without you that we would meet up with them. Im still here after 17 years and still today i use the things you taught me directly and indirectly. Appreciate you man..


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