Loss Prevention: Identifying Asset Protection Challenges in Retail

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How much influence do retail buyers have over shrink and asset protection? Should buyers be working closely with loss prevention teams? A recent study commissioned by the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Asset Protection Leaders Council examines these questions in detail. Read more in the feature article of LP Magazine’s September-October 2015 issue, which is free to qualified loss prevention, retail, and law enforcement professionals; students and professors; and vendors serving the LP industry in the U.S. and Canada.

Managing Travel and Logistics Requirements

“Driving Third-Party Logistics Solutions” takes a deeper look at how Ryder System Inc. is serving its customers through commercial fleet management and supply-chain solutions. Many of their third-party provider solutions go beyond transportation into distribution centers and warehouses.

For more on travel responsibilities, check out our feature article on coordinating safety and security for employees on the road. Security directors from American Eagle, iJET International, Aflac and more offer useful advice for developing your own travel safety program.

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The Voice of Experience

Our conversation with industry expert Bob DiLonardo revealed many valuable anecdotes and insights from a life and career dedicated to the loss prevention and shortage control profession. This information can be found in “Loss Prevention Consulting” in the September-October issue.

The issue also includes:

• Interviewing: It’s All About Context, Part 3
• My Turn: Using Technology to Enhance the Relationship Between LP and Local Law Enforcement
• Partnering with Retailers: eBay Celebrates Twenty Years
• Certification: A New Perspective
• Digital Dialogue: And Our Survey Says…
• Evidence-Based LP: Navigate the LP Highway with Good Data

In addition, the issue covers industry news surrounding an LPRC trip to Seattle to tour Amazon and Microsoft. Subscribe for free today so you don’t miss these career-critical articles from LP Magazine!

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