Leverage ThinkLP for Complex Investigations

Historically, case management software was used to document information and track the basic statistics of each case. Traditionally, that software was designed for internal theft investigations and was very rigid about the type of data collected. In today’s retail world, loss prevention investigators are tasked with investigating complex crimes such as organized retail crime (ORC), major financial fraud, serial robbery and burglary cases, brand protection, and significant embezzlement cases. To do this successfully, they need an intelligent case management system that is functional but assists in the investigative process, and that can serve as a hub for all intelligence and data related to the investigation. In short, they need software they want to use—a solution that helps them, not just a formality after a case is closed.

ThinkLP’s complex investigation space has everything related to an investigation in a central location where your team works. Any case, incident, or evidence collected during a complex investigation will be at your team’s fingertips. As your team conducts investigative activities, you can document them and set up approval flows, automatically routing requests to supervisors at the click of a button.

The ability to create a visual representation of all case information collected can be extremely beneficial for communicating your results, whether during the investigation, when presenting to law enforcement, or in criminal proceedings. The ability to take intel associated with physical locations (i.e., store locations targeted, suspect or fence addresses, etc.) and generate a map allows for investigators to illustrate the targeted geographic areas and plan for action. ThinkLP’s complex investigations solution can provide visualizations for the sequence of events, automatically generating a timeline of all related incidents and activities.

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This is just a brief snapshot of the capabilities of ThinkLP’s complex investigations space. Reach out to schedule a demo and learn more.