Kaba: Centrally Program and Monitor Safe Locks

At this year’s NRF 2016, stop by Kaba’s Booth #1319 to see how Kaba’s newest safe lockAxessor can provide remote programming and monitoring capabilities. Axessor not only secures assets but increases operational efficiency. With an installation base of over 20,000 IP locks worldwide, Axessor has a proven track record within retail and financial institutions. The lock is also ideal for hotels, post offices, government facilities, and restaurant chains.

Axessor is both modular and flexible, allowing administrators to manage just a few locks or thousands; programming is done directly at the keypad or with software through the USB.The lock has five input and five output ports, which allows for connection to auxiliary devices, such as CCTV and alarm systems. Available in 10 different languages and with a diverse set of features and functions, administrators can choose model options that meet individual needs.Axessor is available in three versions:
• Axessor USB connects to the computer using a standard USB port on the input unit. Easy-to-use software makes it possible to set lock parameters via the USB interface. In addition, the USB connection to the lock allows 10,000 audit events to be downloaded at the site.
• Axessor IP connects to a TCP/IP network for centrally controlling locks and quickly adjusting settings to accommodate changing operational requirements. With remote capabilities, administrators can add/delete users, perform an audit, and configure lock time settings and schedules while off site. These functions reduce travel and administrative costs, increasing security personnel productivity.
• Axessor CITstand-alone modeand can be networked by adding an e-Box. In addition to the standard bank mode operation, the CIT lock offers a one-time combination for CIT operations. Operation in the OTC mode is completely keyless. The lock is virtually linked to the management software by the proprietary algorithm.

Visit Kaba’s website to learn more.

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