Jockey Implements CONTROLSPAN Professional in US Stores

RFID technology radio frequency identification

CONTROLTEK, a provider of loss prevention and asset protection solutions, is partnering with Jockey International Inc., a premium underwear and apparel brand, to roll out its RFID Inventory Management solution, CONTROLSPAN Professional.

Paired with Nordic ID hardware, CONTROLSPAN Professional provides Jockey with real-time item-level visibility and asset tracking across their nationwide chain of stores, allowing them to optimize stocking and provide insights that lead to an enhanced customer experience.

Rubin Press
Rubin Press

“RFID is increasingly becoming the standard way for leading retailers to manage their inventory across organizations,” said Rubin Press, vice president of global sales at CONTROLTEK. “Through this rollout, Jockey will now be able to have an up to 99 percent accurate, real-time visibility of their entire stock in all of their stores across the country.”

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Rod Diplock

“We are thrilled to partner with Jockey through this rollout of CONTROLSPAN Professional,” said Rod Diplock, chief executive officer at CONTROLTEK. “CONTROLSPAN Professional is the future of retail inventory software and an integral part of the successful deployment of a cohesive omnichannel strategy.”

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