LPM Insider’s Top 5 Supply-Chain Security Articles of 2018

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Cargo Theft Statistics: Unreported Incidents May Greatly Understate the Numbers

Cargo theft statistics indicate that it’s a low-risk, high-reward crime.

By Bill Turner, LPC

Cargo theft has been around for centuries. History has seen robbers attacking merchants on trading roads, to pirates seizing ships at sea, to bandits on horseback robbing stage coaches.

Fast forward to today. Trucks have replaced horse-drawn wagons, and today’s cargo theft perpetrators are often part of international crime syndicates. The global economic crisis increased demand for black-market goods. But cargo theft statistics are difficult to track.

Adding to the cargo theft problem is the fact that it is seen as a low-risk, high-reward type of crime carrying minor criminal penalties. The FBI reports that less than 20 percent of stolen cargo is ever recovered… Read the full article.

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Distribution Center Security: How Some of the Biggest Retail Companies Deter Theft and Crime

By Tracie Thomas

One of the modern miracles of retail is the ability to get the right merchandise, in high volume, and across vast distances, either into point-of-sale locations or the customer’s doorstep within a matter of days, if not hours. Enter the distribution center: often an enormous building with hundreds of employees, conveyer belts, thousands of shelves of merchandise and special handling equipment. These centers are the nodes in a web that span continents or the globe for many brands we all know. Several large brands are using security entrances combined with access control systems and cameras at their distribution centers in a certain way to mitigate the risks endemic to distribution center security. Let’s take a closer look… Read the full article.

Supply-Chain Security Best Practices See Remarkable Changes

Some tips on how to fortify your supply-chain security best practices, with an increasing emphasis on data security.

By Bill Turner, LPC

The world is changing fast. We all know that and feel it every day. Technology, computers and the internet control almost everything we do today.

To get a feel of the degree in which computers have taken over and how our lives are impacted by the internet, read The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. The main theme of the book deals with hackers who have developed a plan to shut down the internet, worldwide. The disastrous effects of that happening are described in detail in the book. It’s frightening and beyond belief. The world economy basically stops.

Who could have imagined, 30 years ago, that computers would become the support system of virtually everything we do? A good example of this can be found in the realm of supply-chain security. If you look up the term today, 90 percent of what you will find will talk about the “information” supply chain, its vulnerabilities and how to protect it. Supply-chain security best practices are now a highly technical subject in a highly technical world… Read the full article.

How Do Companies Make Up for Stolen Cargo?

By Cory Levins

Cargo theft is an all-too-common problem that impacts industries ranging from food and beverage to building and industrial supplies. Criminals steal cargo and resell it for their own profit. This, of course, takes money away from the companies who manufacture the products.

Cargo theft also has a negative financial impact on shipping companies, state and local governments, insurance companies, retailers and even consumers. It is far from a victimless crime; in fact, the impact of stolen cargo reaches much further than many people realize.

The theft of a single trailer or shipping container can cost a company thousands—even millions—of dollars. Even for major corporations, such a loss can understandably be devastating. For smaller companies, it can be nearly impossible to recover from such a disaster. While most stolen cargo is never recovered, there are a few ways companies can make up for stolen goods… Read the full article.

Key Features and Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics Management

By Tom Reddon

Is your business looking for a new way to tackle your supply chain and enhance daily operations? Are you seeking a tool to help you bolster efficiency, catalyze productivity, reduce costs, and drive profitability? Cloud-based logistics management software might be what you need. The technology has become an emerging trend in logistics, material handling, and distribution initiatives. These interfaces feature a lot of uses and benefits to all who hone its capabilities… Read the full article.


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