LPM Insider Survey: Should Retail Employees and LP Pros Be Better Trained to Defuse Violent Situations in the Workplace?

Ongoing incidents show that violent situations have become a regular occurrence in the retail setting

Incidents of violence in the retail setting have become an ongoing and consistent problem. Nearly every day, there are occurrences that result in violent behavior, often resulting in someone getting hurt.

For example, just last week in the LPM Insider we reported that a loss prevention associate suffered lacerations after having his head smashed through a glass wall by a shoplifter, an officer sustained injuries in an altercation with a woman resisting arrest during a shoplifter apprehension, a pedestrian was hit by a car following a liquor store robbery, a woman called in a bomb threat at a store so she could distract employees and commit retail fraud, and a man was arrested for shoplifting a bottle of beer used the bottle to damage the windshield of the man who reported him. Every day, there was an incident involving violence or the threat of violent behavior.

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These and other incidents would suggest the ongoing need to enhance efforts to train both retail employees and loss prevention professionals on how to defuse all types of potential violent situations in the workplace.

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