LPM Survey: Solving Retail Crime Through Social Media

In last week’s most read article, “The Rite Aid Asset Protection Team Reveals Details about Its New (and Valuable!) Investigation Tool,” the Rite Aid asset protection team discusses a new investigation tool that unites the latest in loss prevention technology with the power of social media and the insatiable interest so many of us have in criminal behavior and solving crime.

By empowering the public with the appropriate information and the resources to report what they know we can work together to help solve many of the crimes that plague our stores and our communities.

We want to know what you think: Do you feel that leveraging the power of the public and social media to help solve—and deter—retail crime is a good approach to dealing with these issues?

We look forward to your insights and opinions! Please feel free to candidly share your thoughts. All responses to the survey will remain anonymous.

Look for the results of the survey to appear in next Monday’s LP Insider.



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