LPM Insider Survey: Conducting Employee Bag Checks

With the ongoing complaints and potential lawsuits, should companies continue the practice?

In last week’s most-read article, “Security Footage Sinks Employee Lawsuit Targeting Employee Bag Checks,” we learned that Nike recently prevailed in a class action lawsuit filed by hourly retail workers demanding that the company pay them for the time they spent waiting for loss prevention inspections after clocking out and before leaving stores.

Numerous major national retailers have been hit with class-action cases challenging uncompensated exit inspections, but Nike decided to fight the claims in court. The company maintained that the bag checks or the visual inspections of those who did not have bags took mere seconds, but the employees claimed they lasted minutes.

According to attorneys, the court decision was influenced by the retailer’s time and motion study that showed associates spent an average of 18.5 seconds in off-the-clock employee bag checks—and that 60.5 percent of all exits required zero wait time.

What do you think? In this week’s LPM Insider Survey, we’re asking our readers:

We look forward to your insights and opinions! Please feel free to candidly share your thoughts. All responses to the survey will remain anonymous.

Look for the results of the survey to appear in next Monday’s LP Insider.



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