Inside the World of Goodwill Loss Prevention

goodwill loss prevention

The retail model of a store like Goodwill is a unique one. When you’re faced with handling loss prevention in an environment that accepts and sells donated goods—where traditional inventory tracking is a foreign concept—it can present some unusual challenges. But the core principles of Goodwill loss prevention are the same as those anywhere else: enhance the company’s sales by protecting its assets.

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LPM Senior Writer Garett Seivold delves into the demanding mission of Goodwill loss prevention in a feature article for the November-December 2018 issue of LP Magazine. From maximizing donations to improving customer satisfaction and preventing theft, the job for LP at Goodwill isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding. From the article:

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The core mission of empowering people through employment is at the foundation of all Goodwill organizations, but the mission services in support of it vary widely. Job training and placement services are common, but a Goodwill region may operate a laundry, a military-base cafeteria, a car wash, or a stenography college. The result is that Goodwill loss prevention operations—including risks, technology, and controls—vary significantly. Some take time to put UPC codes on merchandise, while some try to put goods on the floor within the hour. Some territories have mature LP departments, with all the bells and whistles of any major retailer. Some don’t have an LP department at all.

Seivold talks to industry experts like Paul Stone, Mike Keenan, and more in this exploration of LP leadership at a cause-driven organization, and how it differs from region to region. Learn more about Goodwill loss prevention in “Mission Driven.”

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