Indyme Introduces Smart PVM

Indyme Solutions has re-invented the PVM to make it more effective at reducing shrink while dramatically improving the customer experience.

By sensing suspicious merchandise movement off fixtures, Indyme’s Smart PVM is able to switch from digital signage mode to PVM mode intelligently. This Smart PVM only begins recording when it senses suspicious merchandise movements. This allows legitimate customers to shop without being confronted with the aggressive “Recording in Process” messaging. While at the same time, shoplifters are confronted with a new kind of Smart PVM that knows when they are taking merchandise, creating a whole new level of fear and deterrence. Indyme’s new Smart PVM is a real breakthrough in optimizing for shrink and the customer experience.

The new Smart PVM is part of Indyme’s growing family for loss prevention tools linked to its Smart Response instant awareness platform. These tools represent the next generation of loss prevention technology. They are based on low cost sensors that detect shoplifting behaviors, which are wirelessly coupled to an array of deterrence devices. Indyme is now able to assess threats at the shelf level and initiate the appropriate deterrent response based on observed threats. This next generation product protection system can dynamically escalate the response as the threat escalates in real time.

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“Indyme is pioneering a whole new direction in Loss Prevention,” said Joe Budano, Indyme’s CEO. “We call this new direction ‘intelligent product protection.’ Our portfolio of low-cost sensing technology is being made even more powerful by our new line of local deterrent devices. By instantly responding to threats at the point of theft, our system changes shoplifter behavior before they get to the exit.”

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