Identifying Theft and Fraud Inside a Retail Business | Ep. 73

Similar to any business operation, organized retail crime (ORC) networks operate to make money. A key difference however is that they must innovate to move and hide that money as much as possible. What was once considered a “street crime” operating solely with cash on the street, ORC has evolved to the world of e-commerce and cryptocurrency. Finding and following the trails of money as it flows through legal and illegal channels is critical to identify the network, build the case, and ultimately dismantle the ORC operation.

In this podcast, LPM’s Kevin McMenimen and Jac Brittain look inside the retail business at areas of opportunity in e-commerce and e-fraud. Well-known researcher Adrian Beck, emeritus professor at the University of Leicester, along with Todd Isenhour, director of investigations and fraud mitigation at Lowe’s, discuss expanding the category of e-commerce within the typology of Total Retail Loss, and examine the trails of theft and fraud within the retail business.

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This discussion was originally a part of LPM’s Follow the Money Webinar, which you can find the full version of here.

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