Gunnebo Introduces Cash Management Solutions for U.S. Retail Markets

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Gunnebo US has launched latest innovative cash management solutions for U.S. retail markets.

“Retail businesses enjoy the ease of cash payments. Without transaction fees and Internet dependency, cash is fast and simple; however, cash does bring about other business challenges,” said Gunnebo’s Vice President of Cash Management Carlos Massa. “Whether dealing with depositing, counting or recounting cash, reconciling bills, transporting cash, or tracking cash interactions across locations, the process of handling and protecting cash is arduous for retailers. That’s why Gunnebo has pioneered the concepts of complete cash management and the connectivity of ‘smart’ safes to banks, cash-in-transit (CIT) companies, and other third party management and processing centers.”

Gunnebo’s cash management solutions automate the cash-handling process. The solutions range from simple single-note validators mounted under counters to more complex devices that will accept and dispense multiple denominations of notes and coins at the point-of-sale or in the back office. Notably, Gunnebo’s cash management solutions can be configured specifically for each customers’ unique business needs.

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“For the first time, U.S. retailers can choose from a complete line of Gunnebo cash management solutions to automate the handling and processing of cash within their business,” said Massa. “We are excited to deliver critical cash management intelligence that will help retailers increase efficiencies, improve overall cash flow, and mitigate risk exposure from loss or theft.”

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