Getting Loss Prevention Certified Is the Next Logical Step

Stuart Levine, CFI, CFCI, and CEO of The Zellman Group, believes that continuing one’s education is crucial to career growth and success. He practices what he preaches, too: Levine is currently studying for his LPC certification through the Loss Prevention Foundation. In addition, The Zellman Group is helping other industry professionals in the retail community become loss prevention certified through its sponsorship of the Loss Prevention Foundation.

Levine, who has experience as both a retailer and a solutions provider, emphasizes the importance of continuing education for LP pros in both arenas in the most recent Ask the Expert column in the September-October 2016 issue of LP Magazine. In the column, Levine shares words of wisdom about LP’s need to keep pace with the rapidly changing retail industry. Becoming Loss Prevention Certified is a crucial effort:

“I think that education is the key to LP professionals future growth. Industry trade shows afford the opportunity to attend seminars that offer a different prospective on solving industry issues. I also feel that certification is equally important. Certification with the Loss Prevention Foundation, the International Association of Interviewers (IAI), and others show a person’s commitment to the industry.”

He also shares his most important piece of advice for those industry professionals who are just starting out:

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“Don’t be shy about networking with other respected loss prevention professionals. Many of the issues that you will be faced with have been conquered in the past. As you continue to move up the ladder in your career, always look to hire the smartest person that you interview. By doing this you will have a better opportunity to bring value to the company and make your department an integral part of the team.”

Check out “The Importance of Continuing Education for LP Professionals” to read the full column. You can also visit the Table of Contents for the September-October 2016 issue or register for a free subscription to the magazine.

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