Garrett Metal Detectors Protect Lives and Prevent Loss

As the world of loss prevention grows ever more complicated, the number of technologies and strategies available for asset protection has left many without the space or budget to incorporate the solutions they need to succeed. Considering that, it is time to look for solutions that make for less headache, not more. Focusing on the technologies that provide value for more than one safety and security agenda means that Loss Prevention professionals can spend less time on the hassle and the budget, and more time on the results.

Garrett Metal Detectors has been providing solutions for asset protection since the founding of its Security division in 1984. Garrett’s detectors have found homes in loss prevention functions—like the detection of precious metals and electronic components—as well as personnel security by screening for dangerous weapons as employees enter their facilities.  This year, the game is changing with the release of a new walk-through metal detector from Garrett.

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The Paragon walk-through metal detector doubles the efficiency of previous walk-through detectors by simultaneously performing two screening functions. While other detectors typically screen according to a single program and sensitivity, Paragon’s directionally dependent screening allows it to do the work of two walkthroughs in one. On ingress, supervisors can screen employees for weapons and other metallic contraband, while employees passing through during egress can be screened for small electronic components or precious metals. Both programs function simultaneously depending on the direction of movement—into the facility or out of it. These programs are individually customizable, so security staff and loss prevention managers can always be sure to find the specific targets they are interested in catching, reducing staff fatigue and potentially halving the number of walkthroughs required at an entrance.

Beyond this, Paragon is Garrett’s most advanced detector to date, with enhanced automation, ease-of-use, and detection strength. NFC capability allows rapid, touchless reprogramming of the unit, and integration accessories allow high-level remote monitoring, control, and analysis of walkthrough statuses across one or more checkpoint locations. Its high certification levels, excellent interference immunity, and IP65-rated construction mean it will perform reliably in many applications.

Paragon will be available for sale and shipment in Summer 2023. Contact Garrett Metal Detectors at 972-494-6151, email us at, or reach out through the linked contact form to request more information on Paragon features and capabilities, and to see if the Paragon is right for your asset protection application.

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