Issues with ORC and Shoplifting

Issues with ORC and Shoplifting

Catching shoplifters: It’s the most basic part of an LP pro’s job. Or is it? These days, it’s all too easy to focus on a simple crime like shoplifting as the culprit in retail shrink. But that’s a costly attitude, as the percentage of shrink due to nonprofessional shoplifting continues to drop while organized retail crime continues to rise. It’s also dangerous. Apprehension is becoming increasingly violent, and with those shrink percentages dropping, and most merchandise retrieved in an incident worth relatively little, it hardly seems worth the risk to grab a bad guy. So what should a modern LP pro do about shoplifting?

The answer is in LP Magazine’s FREE Special Report, Issues with ORC and Shoplifting. The problem is that there’s so much more to shoplifting than stopping a thief on his or her way out the door. Organized retail crime, from simple return fraud to highly organized booster bag groups, is a much greater threat to your company’s bottom line.

That’s why this free report covers it all: the data, the ORC strategies and the tactics used successfully against it all.

In fact, this free report is designed to help you…

  • Understand the threat to your organization that shoplifting and ORC represent
  • Identify the skills and expertise that you, as an LP pro, should be developing to combat the threats
  • Discover the common mistakes LP pros can make in trying to fight shoplifting and ORC
  • Learn how to coordinate with local law enforcement effectively
  • Uncover the secrets to successful surveillance
  • Establish proactive shoplifting and ORC prevention policies that could save your organization millions of dollars, and put your career on a fast track to success

I know you’re dedicated to stopping the bad guys, and this is your chance to enhance your knowledge and skills. Seize this opportunity and download this free report.


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