Cargo Theft and Supply Chain Security

Cargo Theft and Supply Chain Security

If you believe supply chain security isn’t important to your job, you’re mistaken. Think about it. The merchandise you protect in the store doesn’t just magically appear on the shelves. In fact, it spends as much time—or more—getting to your store than it does in your store. Why would you not want to understand that all-important supply chain – cargo trailer shipping, storage and distribution of the merchandise your company has paid good money for?

This FREE Special Report from the experts at LP Magazine is an in-depth guide to the challenges of supply chain security—and the necessary solutions. You’ll learn not only how theft occurs, but also where and when, and how you can fight it. This report will help you …

  • Understand the threat to your organization that cargo theft represents
  • Master the details of the entire supply-chain process
  • Get up to speed on the LP pro’s role in stopping loss
  • Pinpoint those stops along a shipment’s way where the danger is greatest – including your own distribution center
  • Integrate supply-chain security knowledge into your day-to-day responsibilities
  • Establish practices, processes and a company culture that will save your organization millions of dollars, and put your career on a fast track to success

You can’t afford to not understand supply chain security. Download this free Special Report from LP Magazine today.


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