Retail Fraud Detection and Prevention

Retail Fraud Detection and Prevention

Remember the good old days when credit card skimming was pretty much all you had to worry about? Of course you know that here in the second decade of the 21st century, that’s the least of your worries as a loss prevention professional. Today’s credit card fraud detection job is light years away from a simple case of catching a skimmer. The bad guys have technology that would fit right into a Star Trek movie—and you’ll need every bit of skill, training and education you can acquire to keep up with them. That’s why LP Magazine has written this in-depth Special Report, Retail Fraud Detection and Prevention Guide, and why we’re giving it away FREE. This report is designed to help you …

  • Understand the threat to your organization that modern credit card fraud represents
  • Master the details of a variety of different scams
  • Learn how technology helps scammers, but is also used to fight fraud
  • Overcome organizational inertia and resistance to modern methods of combatting credit card fraud
  • Navigate the complex technology that challenges even the most advanced IT pros
  • Establish best practices and protocols in your organization that will save your organization millions of dollars, and put your career on a fast track to success.

Once you understand the threat to your organization posed by credit card fraud, you’re ready to do something about it. And the many experts we’ve consulted for this Special Report have plenty of ideas. There’s also a detailed list of best practices that you can integrate into your own fraud prevention program. Don’t waste any more time — add this expertise to your resume today.


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