The Future of Credit Card Fraud Detection and Prevention

Beyond credit card skimming: Read this free report now and get ahead of the bad guys

Dear LP Professional,

Remember the good old days when credit card skimming was pretty much all you had to worry about?

Of course you know that here in the second decade of the 21st century, that’s the least of your worries as a loss prevention professional. Today’s credit card fraud detection job is light years away from a simple case of catching a skimmer. The bad guys have technology that would fit right into a Star Trek movie – and you’ll need every bit of skill, training and education you can acquire to keep up with them.

That’s why LP Magazine has written this in-depth Special Report, Credit Card Fraud Detection and Prevention: Lessons on Credit Card Skimming, e-Commerce Scams, and Theft Investigations, and why we’re giving it away FREE. We want to be absolutely sure that the business-critical information in it gets into your hands, right now.

Download this FREE Special Report and start upping your credit card fraud detection game now!

Of course, you may be asking yourself why you should read Credit Card Fraud Detection and Prevention: Lessons on Credit Card Skimming,e-Commerce Scams, and Theft Investigations, and trust the information in it. Here’s why:

LP Magazine, formerly known as LossPrevention, was founded in 2001 by LP professionals to fill the void for news, information, and educational content for all LP pros. Over the past decade and a half, LP Magazine has established itself as the premier voice of the LP industry,providing in-depth, timely articles for LP professionals and retail management.

Our custom publishing arm also delivers education and training to retail organizations on critical loss prevention, safety, and operational policies and procedures. What’s more, we’re deeply involved in the training and certification provided by the Loss Prevention Foundation, and we’re also aligned with our sister company,, the leading retail security and loss prevention employment site on the web.

You can see that we live, sleep, and breathe loss prevention. So now that we’ve established our bona fides, here’s how we can help you with this Special Report.

This FREE Special Report from LP Magazine is an in-depth, expert guide to all of the different kinds of fraud that thieves have invented, as well as how to combat these threats for your organization. Not only will the information in it allow you to help your current employer, it’s also sure to enhance your skill set and your LP career going forward!

This report is designed to help you …

  • Understand the threat to your organization that modern credit card fraud represents
  • Master the details of a variety of different scams
  • Learn how technology helps scammers, but is also used to fight fraud
  • Overcome organizational inertia and resistance to modern methods of combatting credit card fraud
  • Navigate the complex technology that challenges even the most advanced IT pros
  • Establish best practices and protocols in your organization that will save your organization millions of dollars, and put your career on a fast track to success.

Credit card fraud detection: Many different battles

Have you stopped to consider how the rapid evolution of retail is impacting the LP industry? From omni-channel to mobile payment to e-commerce retailing, every new advance creates new opportunities for the bad guys. If you’re not sure you understand all of it, check out this FREE Special Report for an in-depth look at the new threats that have developed along with every new type of retail operation.

For instance, you’ve probably heard of chip-and-PIN technology that was introduced in European credit cards a few years ago. Sure, the fancy cards generate a new, unique transaction code every time the card is swiped, eliminating the ability of skimmers to “read” reusable data off the magnetic strip.

But almost immediately, brick-and-mortar credit card fraud migrated to online venues. So although major strides had been made over the past decade, e-commerce fraud is still a significant challenge to the LP industry and will remain so into the near future. And that’s just one of the many object lessons contained in this Special Report. Read it right now to catch up on all the unpleasant truths about modern credit card fraud!

But why should you care about credit card fraud detection?

Let’s face it – many LP professionals focus more on brick-and-mortar problems such as shrink than on technology-based threats such as identity theft, e-commerce fraud, and data security. But that kind of mindset won’t get you very far in your LP career.

And even if it seems that credit card fraud is only a few hundred dollars here and there, don’t forget …

Everyone knows it’s the credit card companies who carry the liability for this credit card crime, right? Wrong. Starting in October 2015, when U.S. companies introduce their own chip-and-PIN cards, liability will shift to retailers who don’t upgrade their POS infrastructure to accept this new payment form. Guess what that means for you as an LP professional?

And speaking of new kinds of credit card fraud, the newest – and most spectacular as far as the media is concerned when they broadcast a retailer’s woes – is data security. Keeping all that customer data safe from hackers is yet another nightmare that should concern LP pros.

But once again, you might think the newest technology, such as PCI DSS security standards, will keep your company out of the news. Unfortunately, as one of our experts relates in this Special Report, “PCI DSS compliance has become a bit like setting a house alarm, but using 1234 as an access code.The intention to protect against theft is there, but the execution is poor.” Does that describe you or your company?

By now you’ve probably gotten my message: Credit card fraud is a major threat to your organization, and credit card fraud detection should be a major part of your job responsibilities. But what are you supposed to do about all of this?

The experts’ solutions to credit card fraud detection and prevention

Once you understand the threat to your organization posed by credit card fraud, you’re ready to do something about it. And believe me, the many experts we’ve consulted for this Special Report have plenty of ideas. There’s also a detailed list of best practices that you can integrate into your own fraud prevention program.

Another of our experts, J.D. Sherry, CEO of cloud-security provider Cavirin Systems, explains the big picture considerations you must take into account when designing your defense of POS systems, including the size of the organization,costs and multi-platform support for all the operating systems in use.

And even if you think credit card fraud detection is above your pay grade, we’ve got advice for you, too:

“For store-level LP, it’s thinking through what kinds of transactions a customer can do in-store to manipulate a digital platform. Are there ways they can manipulate prices, ship things to themselves, or make it appear that they purchased things when they walked out of the store?

“In the near future, to advance your career, you’re going to need to have a combination of experience in brick-and-mortar and in the digital e-commerce systemic view.”

Jerett Sauer, Director of Loss Prevention, Gap Inc.

So that’s what we’re offering you: A detailed guide to understanding and preventing credit card fraud, and a way to enhance your career prospects, all in one FREE Special Report. There’s simply no reason to overlook this report, because you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Download it today, and start making yourself a credit card fraud expert tomorrow!

Yours for safe and secure credit card transactions,

Jack Trlica
Editor and Publisher

PS: Don’t waste any more time in becoming more valuable to your company by adding this expertise to your resumé. Read this free report right now!

PPS:Remember, credit card fraud must be on your radar for all the reasons outlined above. J.D. Sherry says, “As a loss prevention professional, it’s not beyond your scope to ask your IT department hard questions about what they are doing to prevent these thefts. In fact, every employee should feel comfortable asking these questions. In today’s climate, we truly are all risk managers.”

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