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Dear LP professional,

When it comes to forging a loss prevention career path, some people will tell you it’s best to learn about the latest LP technology only if you plan to become a specialist.

Those people would be wrong.

LP pros around the world agree: One of the keys to building a successful loss prevention career is to be an early adopter and practitioner of LP technology, and to continue focusing on it as you follow your path upward.

That’s just one secret to building a solid LP career that’s revealed in our in-depth, expert and FREE special report, How to Find the Best Loss Prevention Jobs and Build a Successful Loss Prevention Career.

What’s in this special report? Pretty much everything you need to know to plan an effective career path, from recognizing what’s holding you back to acing that job interview to setting goals to networking. We even take a deep dive into specifics such as recruiting, mentoring, writing performance reviews, speaking effectively to a group and many other critical skills that will propel you up the LP career ladder.

In short, this report is designed to help you …
Navigate the difficult transition when you achieve a promotion to lead others
Learn about the principles of effective mentoring, and how to identify the ideal mentor as well as become a mentor yourself
Discover the differences between management and leadership … and how to combine the two into one powerful skill set
Understand the importance of a diverse team, and how to recruit and manage that team
Overcome the challenges that accompany promotions
Master the hugely varied skills that will put your career on a fast track to success.

Of course, you may be asking yourself why you should read How to Find the Best Loss Prevention Jobs and Build a Successful Loss Prevention Career, and trust the information in it. Here’s why:

LP Magazine, formerly known as LossPrevention, was founded in 2001 by LP professionals to fill the void for news, information, and educational content for all LP pros. Over the past decade and a half, LP Magazine has established itself as the premier voice of the LP industry,providing in-depth, timely articles for LP professionals and retail management.

Our custom publishing arm also delivers education and training to retail organizations on critical loss prevention, safety, and operational policies and procedures. What’s more, we’re deeply involved in the training and certification provided by the Loss Prevention Foundation, and we’re also aligned with our sister company, LPJobs.com, the leading retail security and loss prevention employment site on the web.

You can see that we live, sleep, and breathe loss prevention. So now that we’ve established our bona fides, let me tell you a little more about this free Special Report.

Not just any career – a loss prevention career

There’s a lot of career advice out there – some good, some bad, mostly generic, and very little that’s specific to LP. This guide changes all that. In this report, we start with your attitude towards your career, take you through interviews and getting your first promotion, and offer guidance on the skills and tasks you’ll master as you climb the LP career ladder.

If you’re already in management, we’ve got everything you need to know about managing your team, from hiring to mentoring to becoming a manager who is also a leader. And if you want to go even higher up the ladder, you’ll profit from our advice on making the leap to a retail executive position.

And remember, this advice comes from loss prevention professionals who have, quite literally, been there and done that. Helping LP pros achieve their goals is our only business, and it shows in this Special Report.

For instance, do you know …

• How to approach your first – or your fifth – job interview?
• How to launch and build professional relationships at LP industry events?
• How to decide whether it’s worthwhile to move to a new job – or if it will be perceived as a black mark on your career path?
• How to create an atmosphere of trust that encourages employees to volunteer information during an investigation?
• How to forecast growth and turnover in your LP department?
• How to develop goals for both individual LP pros and LP teams?
• How to establish an environment of accountability on a team?

You’ll know all of this and much more when you read How to Find the Best Loss Prevention Jobs and Build a Successful Loss Prevention Career, because these are just a few of the dozens of tips and secrets we deliver. And remember, all of this advice is FREE.

Every stage of a loss prevention career path

Whether you’re just starting your LP career or you’re hoping to make the final step up to a retail executive position, you’ll learn something important in this Special Report. We take you through the steps for a successful interview at any level, tell you how to identify a mentor at your company, and give you advice on how to meet and build relationships with influential people in the industry.

If you’ve already achieved a management position, reading this report will help you recruit a diverse, dedicated team …guide a new manager in navigating the difficult transition … encourage and benefit from employee feedback … hone your skills even after you make that final step up to an executive position.

Are you unsure about networking at your first industry event? No problem. We deliver a step-by-step guide to making the most of this opportunity.

Do you feel your LP team doesn’t have enough confidence in you? Read this Special Report to discover the secrets to being a leader, not just a manager. And all of this is real-world, hands-on advice: For instance, here are the specific steps you should take to be prepared for the day when you want – or need – a new job:

1. Use social media tactically and regularly. Get in the habit of updating social media accounts regularly so people can read about what is going on in your life at their leisure.

2. Find local events that offer situational networking and information sharing. There is nothing like putting a name to a face and giving out business cards offering to help and collecting business cards in case you need them someday.

3. Attend professional conferences. ASIS, CFI, NRF and RILA and others all hold annual conferences. You may even find that some events that are eligible for use as Continued Education Units (CEU) towards your recertification.

4. Work with area colleges. Find a college in your area that has a criminal justice program and offer to mentor aspiring loss prevention professionals.

5. Talk to people in person. Find the 20 people you really, really want to keep in touch with and can help you. Find one hour on one day each week and make those phone calls.

After you’ve read this report, you’ll be empowered to take your career anywhere you want to. And with the retail industry being in a constant state of flux, that’s more important than ever before.

A loss prevention career path made easy

You can try to figure out all these strategies and secrets on your own. Or you can simply download this FREE Special Report, embrace the advice it offers, and start implementing a new, carefully-structured new career plan right away. So why would you keep guessing – and risking the success of your career – when exactly the right information is available right now … FREE?

Now, I happen to know many people in the LP field, both newcomers and experienced professionals. And I don’t hesitate to give this free guide to all of them. It’s good for their careers, and it’s good for the industry to have a ready supply of trained, dedicated LP pros who know how to climb the career ladder.

That’s why I’m making this report available free here on the LP Magazine website. It’s so powerful, it needs to be in as many hands as possible! I know you don’t want to struggle for promotions, guess which steps to take, and make mistakes that hold you back.

So here’s what I propose:

• Download the FREE Special Report right now. Read it as soon as you can.

• Take notes, draw up plans as the report advises, and absorb as much of the advice as you can.

• Execute the steps that are relevant to your current career path. As I said, you can trust us to understand the LP industry, so count on this advice without hesitation!

• Take career advancement into your own hands, instead of relying on luck.

• Relish the power and comfort of rising in the industry, achieving your goals enjoying rewarding work and providing for you and your family.

If that doesn’t sound pretty good to you, you’re probably not interesting in advancement anyway. But I’m betting it does … and you are. Download this free guide now, and never experience regrets along your chosen path.

Yours for a rich and rewarding career,

Jack Trlica
Editor & Publisher
LP Magazine

PS: Powerful career-building advice such as this is worth its weight in gold. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay that much. In fact, you’ll pay exactly nothing for this Special Report.

PPS: Did you know that working to make sure your team members are recognized, valued and satisfied with their work actually makes your job easier? Find out more in How to Find the Best Loss Prevention Jobs and Build a Successful Loss Prevention Career.


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