Shopping Center Security Finds Success Through Flock Safety Cameras

In the realm of loss prevention and asset protection, proactive measures are pivotal. Destiny USA, a shopping, dining, and entertainment hub near Syracuse, New York, partnered with Flock Safety and the Syracuse Police Department to enhance their proactive safety strategy. Through the deployment of Flock Safety’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras, Destiny USA witnessed success in crime prevention and resolution over the past six months.

Flock Safety cameras identify and deter shoplifters in real-time. Notably, after months of a coordinated shoplifting campaign by a group of individuals, license plate data from one of the vehicles used was entered into the Flock Safety database. The next time this vehicle arrived on-site at Destiny USA, both Destiny USA security and the Syracuse Police Department were immediately notified, resulting in the quick apprehension of the suspects. 

Flock Safety cameras can make the process of identifying and prohibiting individuals with a history of trespassing from entering the property easier. In November and December of 2023, known trespassers were caught entering Destiny USA’s parking lots after having their vehicle’s license plates scanned by Flock Safety cameras. Upon entering Destiny USA, the individuals were intercepted by police officers, ticketed, and promptly escorted out of the building.

“Thanks to the Flock cameras and our partnership with the Syracuse Police Department, we’re literally meeting a small group of trespassed individuals and repeat shoplifters at the door—before they enter the property—and that’s an absolute gamechanger in our efforts to provide a safe environment to everyone that visits Destiny USA,” said Stephen J. Congel, CEO of Pyramid Management Group. 

“What’s more, our cameras are also enhancing the ways law enforcement agencies like the Syracuse Police Department are able to prevent and solve crime, and that’s good news for our entire community.”

The evidence from the Flock Safety cameras has also proven successful in expediting investigations for the Syracuse Police Department. Real-time alerts and access to critical information have facilitated the identification and arrest of suspects committing crime in  Syracuse. 

The six-month success story at Destiny USA shows how Flock Safety LPR cameras can make an immediate difference in shopping center security. By harnessing the power of technology and fostering strategic partnerships, retailers, and law enforcement agencies can fortify their defenses against loss and theft, ultimately creating safer communities for all.

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