Five Charged for Shoplifting; Gun Pointed at Grocery Store Employee

Five people have been charged in a shoplifting incident in March at a Farmington grocery store. One of the male suspects is accused of pulling a handgun on an employee and threatening to shoot him. Three of the suspects are being held without bond as the district attorney’s office moves to keep them in jail without bond to face felony charges.

Sandie Badonie, 23, of Farmington; Connie Johnson, 27, of the Crouch Mesa area; Brianna Kuhfal, 26, of Farmington; Luis Marin, 25, of Bloomfield and Jonathan Torres, 33, of Farmington, are accused of fourth-degree felony counts of shoplifting and conspiracy to commit felony shoplifting, according to court documents. Marin is also accused of a fourth-degree felony count of aggravated assault.

The five suspects are accused of shoplifting more than $500 of property from Albertsons at 4909 E. Main St. in Farmington on March 24. Marin is also accused of pointing a handgun at a male Albertsons employee as the suspects fled the scene…  Farmington Daily Times

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