FDLE Donates $500K of Confiscated Stolen Goods to Charities

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A truckload of stolen goods has been rerouted to good causes Wednesday, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). An investigation into an organized retail crime group resulted in the seizure of nearly $500,000 worth of health and beauty products, said Agent Jason Kriegsman, resident agent in charge of the Brevard and Volusia field office. “This is from an investigation into a group of individuals that were going around Florida stealing all the various products,” he said.

According to an affidavit from FDLE, various groups would walk into retail chains across the state — including locations in Brevard County — and walk out with high-value merchandise. Razor blades, heartburn medication, tooth-whitening strips and other expensive items were stolen and then sold to a fence who would sell the items for a profit on eBay and other websites.

The suspects in the case would often walk into the stores, take the items from the shelf and simply walk out past all registers without paying before getting into a waiting car.
“The case ended and all of the judicial proceedings have concluded so we wanted to take all of the products that we could donate back to the community and the charities that are hurting,” Kriegsman said.

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Thousands of simple items such as toothbrushes and shoe sole inserts will now go toward Brevard County citizens in need, Kriegsman said. FDLE used a combination of surveillance footage, witness statements and undercover stings in their investigation of the group… Florida Today

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