Father Locked 2-Year-Old in Hot Car While Shoplifting

Huntsville police say a man was arrested after leaving his child in a hot car while shoplifting at a Walmart on Monday around noon. Police say the suspect, 27-year-old Travis Sasser, ran out the door with a $259 blender and dropped his car keys. They say he didn’t know he’d dropped the keys when he got to the car. Police say he put the merchandise in and shut the door, which locked the car.

According to police, he called 911 after realizing the two-year-old child had been in the car for an hour. Police say the windows were up and there was no air conditioning. Officers arrived at the Walmart and broke a window of the car to get the child out. Police said Sasser told them his child had been in the car for only a few minutes, but surveillance video showed Sasser in the car for about an hour. Police said the child was never taken out of the car.

Walmart’s loss prevention officer contacted Huntsville police and said Sasser stole from the store. Loss prevention later learned keys they found in the parking lot were Sasser’s keys. Loss prevention turned them over to police… WAAY31 News

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