Fake Employee Steals $3K Worth of AirPods

There are some thieves who will go to extreme lengths in order to carry out the perfect heist, and that just isn’t in the fictional world of upscale casino heists involving dance tracks and parkour. There are everyday shoplifters who will casually walk into a store and, in plain sight, commit theft that’s worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Like this one young man who nabbed $2,815 worth of AirPods from an Evans, Georgia Walmart.

How was he able to pull off the heist? It was a combination of different factors. First, identifying who he is will be pretty difficult, as all employees are required to wear facial coverings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. All he needed to do grab an employee’s vest, which, from the security camera footage, looks very, very legit. It even has a name tag on it and everything.

He went during the evening, presumably during an especially busy time, and walked to the store’s electronics section with a barrel key that opened a cabinet containing tons of Apple products. He went for the AirPods, and managed to grab a whopping 15 sets of the popular standalone Bluetooth headphones.

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Here’s why stealing AirPods and not other devices like phones or laptops was probably on the thief’s list of priorities: the first reason probably being the size. He’d be able to carry a heck of a lot more AirPods than he would iPads and laptops. AirPods are, pound for pound, some of the more expensive devices in the store, too. Plus, AirPods don’t require any special activation to use.

While iMacs, Macbooks, iPads, and iPhones can all be connected to WiFi and if those serial numbers are reported stolen, Apple can put the banhammer on those devices rendering them effectively useless, AirPods can be paired to pretty much any Apple device. He’d easily be able to sell those brand spanking new headsets on the street or online for a discount and turn a big profit…   Distractify

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