EyeOnLP: RILA TRE-Sys Merger

The Retail Equation and Sysrepublic recently merged into a combined organization to provide more powerful joint capabilities from their retail analytics solutions. From the original press release:

“Appriss Inc., a leading provider of data, risk assessment and analytic solutions for government, health care, and retail industries, has acquired Sysrepublic, a global provider of analytics for retail businesses. Sysrepublic will be merged into the retail division of Appriss, The Retail Equation, creating a single market leader in both retail exception-based reporting and return fraud solutions.

With offices in Los Angeles, London and Warsaw, Sysrepublic is best known for its suite of advanced exception reporting, case management, and real-time integration tools. These solutions enable retailers to identify, prevent, and investigate retail fraud and operational breakdowns, thereby reducing shrink and loss and maximizing profits.”

In this EyeOnLP video from the recent Retail Industry Leaders’ Association (RILA) conference in Dallas, Megan speaks with Chris D’Amore of Sysrepublic and Bob Walters from The Retail Equation to get their personal insights on the merger:

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“Appriss is very well known in the fraud and risk space,” said Walters. “It was decided to build out a retail practice, and the next logical step was to look for other powerful partners that could help us pull together our vision for the retail space. From our perspective, Sys was the perfect partner to do that with. So we’re very excited that the merger has taken place.”

“It’s actually fantastic, from an industry standpoint as well as cross the board with the management teams,” said D’Amore. “You’re bringing together two highly profitable, very talented companies. Through the process of the merger, we’ve retained all the management staff and all the senior leadership. The next step is to look towards what we can do with our combinations of data to contribute back to the industry and build a large and aggressive firm.”

Watch the video to learn more about how the merger is affecting the technology of data analytics.

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