Employee Dragged, Then Stabbed by Fleeing Shoplifters

Lawton Police Sergeant Jeremy Coe reported being called to Dollar General, 814 W. Lee, shortly before 3:20 PM  to deal with the incident. He arrived to find a store employee wounded in the back of his upper right arm.

The employee said he’d just started his shift at the store when he was made aware of a man who was suspected of stealing several items and leaving the store. According to the report, he went outside, saw the man and ran after him when a white four-door car with two other men inside pulled up and the suspect jumped inside. He said he ran around to the driver’s side and jumped through the open window in attempt to turn off the engine.

Best laid plans went awry when the driver grabbed the man’s arm and dragged him across the parking lot while driving away. The man gave what he got when he broke the car’s turn signal off and he began hitting the driver with it, the report states. That’s when the driver let go of the man and pushed him out of the car. The suspects then fled eastbound on West Lee Boulevard.

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Coe said that while the man was being dragged, one of the men in the car stabbed the man in the back of the upper right arm, causing a two- to three-inch cut. He was treated at the scene by EMTs and later took his own vehicle to the hospital for treatment, according to the report. Video of the incident recorded on the store security cameras was turned over to police…   The Lawton Constitution

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